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My name is Mirela Salagean and I passed away on my 55th birthday october 26, 2013 at exactly 15.50. I was lucky to be surrounded by the people I loved, my son, husband, daughter and in thought my brothers and mother. Incompetence and malpractice ended my journey but I never gave up. I am firmly convinced that we can make a difference together in order to help as many as possible avoid similar traps in the future and demand relevant responsibility from the doctors who should save lifes not end them. My motto is "Never Give Up-Never Again" and together we can and will make an impact.

Together with my son Claudiu Moldovan and my husband Vasile Salagean that were with me day and night from the beginning to the very end we strongly believe that the outcome was directly caused by the lack of cooperation between doctors, prestige and the lack of a proven system and functioning network of expertise.

Our higher purpose is to help you and your loved ones avoid the point of no return and provide you the right answers to your questions.

Our values

We love people that are committed to help patients get well no matter what and that are willing to think and act outside the box to make it happen. We hate doctors that don’t have a burning desire to do whatever it takes to find a solution to your problem that act cowardly by doing just enough and waste precious time on the wrong things.

Our common enemy is incompetence, prestige and lack of flexibility among doctors that affect the patient in a negative way.


We will do whatever it takes to help you find a solution and fight for you when no one else will because we have felt your pain and desperation and we know that there is a better way.

These are our current action points:

Creating an international network of doctors and experts that are fully committed to finding solutions and that truly listen to the patient’s needs and desires.

Providing the best expert support as fast as possible.

Creating an international network of people who see what we see and together help other in the same situation “All for one and one for all “.

Sharing proven strategies, tools, and knowledge that are easy to access to speed up the recovery process and help solve your problem.


We can not succeed alone. That is why we created the LexMirella Foundation to honour Mirelas fight against her disease and medical system by helping others avoid the same traps that finally took her life.

Through your donations we will ensure that:

- We have a functioning webpage well-equiped to function as a powerful tool to provide the best possible support.
- We want to publish a book about Mirelas fight, to help others avoid similar traps in the future and influence the medical system and doctors to make a change in their way of thinking and behavious.
- We want to give free seminars on medical issues and spread the knowledge and strategies that are often overlooked or disregarded by doctors and hospitals.
- We want to create an international network of doctors and experts that can cooperate to finding solutions to complicated situations.
- We want to create an international movement of people ready to make an impact and demand change when the doctors don’t want to act on the patients behalf.
- We want to keep searching for the latest findings and practices that can safe human lifes and provide you with our findings.

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